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Tesla Ownership 

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Tesla Owners Age Demographics

Tesla is the leading electric vehicle (EV) brand in Australia and globally, with nearly 75% of all EVs sold in Australia in 2021 being Teslas. Understanding Tesla demographics data is essential for researchers, as these owners are early adopters of EVs in Australia and can play a significant role in reducing transportation emissions, developing new NEV markets, and informing transport policy development and planning, emissions analysis, and charging infrastructure investment.

Sample shown is from 827 new Australian Tesla owners from various states and territories.

Riz Akhtar - Founder

Tesla Owners Gender Demographics

Tesla ownership has seen a massive growth in 2021 across all of Australia.

Gender based demographics help better understand the shift in ownership to EVs in Australia. Female ownership is on the rise too.

This trend is only going to go up from here as Tesla launches their Model Y SUV in the Australian market in 2022!

Tesla Owners Income Demographics

See ownership demographic trends such as that EV owners current income that drives the shift to EVs and cleaner transport.

These are owners who are are choosing Tesla EVs compared to traditional cars for their new car.

Tesla Owners Employment Demographics

Tesla ownership in Australia is shifting from early adopters to the mainstream, with retired owners playing a growing role. This is due to a combination of factors, including increased environmental awareness and the desire for sustainable transport.

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