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See most up to Australian EV charger data including charger location, real-world charger speeds, charger uptake, EV owner charging sentiment & predictions.

Over 1,000+ Australian EV charger locations included in the most comprehensive real-time EV charger dataset.

EV Charging Infrastructure Dataset

Understanding the state and rollout of EV charging infrastructure is critical to increasing the uptake of EVs in Australia.

Finding a centralised, accurate, most up-to-date real-time fast charger dataset is a challenge itself but is pivotal to ensuring current and future EV owners have a positive experience on our roads. 

Correlating chargers to the uptake is a key role policymaker, private charging operators and others part of this EV revolution. Understanding the state of charging today and the forecast for Australian EV uptake will provide the right insights to ensure that we are prepared for EVs when they arrive in thousands over the coming months.

State-by-State EV Charger Rollout Data

As of 2022, NSW leads the pack in EV fast chargers and the most progressive EV policy.

carloop’s State-by-State data breakdown paints a picture the impact of state policies on the charging infrastructure rollout.

For the proposed fast charger sites, in shear numbers, NSW also leads the way.

EV uptake in other states like Victoria and Queensland is also gaining momentum but more investment in fast charging infrastructure is required to keep up to pace with the predicted EV ownership in each of these states too.

Charging Operator Breakdown Data

Charging network operator breakdown paints an interesting picture. Spread across over 370+ sites nationally, the fast charging network has 5 main players.

Chargefox leads the way in the total charging sites but other networks like Evie and NRMA are catching up.

As of 2022, Tesla had over 12% of the market share but has the highest number of charging stalls across Australia. 

carloop’s site by site data delivers industry-leading real-time trends on current fast chargers and forecast. This can then be correlated with EV uptake data to paint a complete Australian EV market picture.

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With over 1,000+ Australian EV charger locations included in the most comprehensive real-time EV charger dataset, the right data will help you make the right EV decisions to reach 2030 carbon reduction targets.

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