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EVs By Location

The most comprehensive real-time dataset of Australian EV locations.


EV Uptake by Location Dataset

Understanding EV uptake at a local level is important for ensuring there is enough charging infrastructure, and information to help with informing policy decisions, and local governments to plan ahead. 

Here are some specific ways that understanding EV uptake at a local level can be beneficial:

  • Identifying areas where there is a need for more charging infrastructure.
  • Informing policy decisions about the future of EVs.
  • Helping businesses to plan for the future.
  • Helping EV owners to find charging stations and plan their journeys.

Overall, understanding EV uptake at a local level is essential to the successful transition to electric vehicles.

A centralized repository of accurate and up-to-date information on EVs and EV Chargers by locations in Australia.

State-by-State EV Uptake & Charger Rollout Data

NSW leads EV uptake and fast charging infrastructure. Other states are catching up, but more investment is needed.

Here are the key points of the text in a more concise way:

  • NSW has the most progressive EV policy and the most proposed fast charger sites.
  • Victoria and Queensland are also investing in EV infrastructure, but more investment is needed.
  • The state policies and the predicted EV ownership will impact the need for fast charging infrastructure.

Overall, NSW is leading the way in EV uptake and fast charging infrastructure, but the other states are also making progress. More investment is needed to keep up with the predicted EV ownership in all states.

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