Kia Seltos Real Price Trends – May 2021

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Kia Seltos prices in Australia on the rise

Riz here from Carloop with the Kia Seltos May 2021 car price trends. For the Kia Seltos we’ve analysed over 3,900 prices. With over 190 in May 2021 alone of what recent owners have paid at the car dealerships.

What that’s showing is that after the price has started to fall a little bit at the end of January, they’ve started to go back up. This means that there is less stock available and that’s what we’re seeing in terms of how long people are waiting for their cars as well after they’ve placed their order.

Kia Seltos Price Chart Australia
Kia Seltos Pricing Chart – May 2021

Some owners waiting over 8 months

Many buyers that purchased closer to the end of 2020 have received their cars, but if you’re placing an order now with some dealers, you’ll be waiting up to eight months to get your car.

We’ve seen the wait times only increase in 2021. Who knows in a couple of months time some owners might be waiting for up to 12 months unless the situation changes with the coronavirus pandemic. 

New Kia Seltos owners are paying more

The most popular model for the Kia Seltos is the Sport+ where some recent owners are paying $33,600 driveaway for it. That price in itself has gone up in the last couple of months.

The average price for the Kia Seltos now remains at around $33,430 driveway which shows the popularity of that model. 

Kia Seltos Price Trends Australia
Kia Seltos Trends & Facts – May 2021

Having said that, the highest price paid is for the GT line where one owner paid as high as $47,000 driveaway for the GT line all wheel drive. 

Over 37% of Kia Seltos buyers choosing White

As for the colours that people are choosing recent owners have been quite popular with the white colour itself for over 37% of the owners going for white, followed by 27% buying the grey then there is the black and the blue which are around 8-9% each. 

Low stock available at the dealerships

So it seems that people are quite in love with the white colour with the Kia Seltos. As we’ve seen with the wait times some people waiting up to eight months after their place they order.

We also had a look at how many Kia Seltos up for sale on carsalesAs we’ve seen the stock levels are quite low with only 96 cars available on carsales and there is none on Gumtree. That means dealers are chasing all the stock they can get to try and get it out to car buyers.

So there you have it. Kia Seltos May 2021 Australian car market price trends and dealer stock update see you next time.

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