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Carloop’s comprehensive tool kit can help insurance companies to navigate the rapidly changing EV Landscape to make better decisions when it comes to planning for changes to their products.

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Powerful EV strategy planning data and reports for Insurance Industry

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Education - EV infrastructure planning decisions

Use carloop’s reports and data to understand the EV uptake across Australia. Get information on EV uptake and predictions, demographic information and predictions of uptake to inform your product planning.

BYD Atto 3 Charger NRMA Picton

Awareness and market snapshot of charger types, charger placement and upgrade requirements

Make informed decisions when it comes to products that will support your members. Understand the state of EV infrastructure and insights into future planning with carloop’s reports and data.

EV Ownership in LGA BYD

EV Models - Market Snapshot and Forecast

Get market insights at your fingertips to understand the manufacturers, models and specifications that can be used in your EV Fleet.

BYD Dandenong Outside EV Procurement

Deep understanding of EV ownership trends to plan your own products

Educate your teams that need to understand your potential customer base on current, data driven demographic information of EV ownership in Australia.

EV Data & Reports for Insurers

Make informed EV decisions as insurers using:

  • Current EV uptake by and future forecast predictions
  • Risk reduction utilising EV data and insights
  • EV resale valuation data
  • Real-time EV ownership demographics data
  • Make and model data for fastest-growing EV brands by location
  • EV ownership ever-changing charging behaviour reports
  • Education for internal teams and external partners based on real-world data
  • Insurance product growth opportunities via local market intelligence data and reports

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Provide your contact details and we will be in touch to help you get started. With millions of Australian EV data points included in the most comprehensive real-time EVs by location dataset, the right data will help you make the right EV decisions to reach 2030 carbon reduction targets.