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Climate change is the biggest challenge that Australia has ever faced and transport emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Understanding the number and usage of Electric Vehicles (EVs) is increasingly important for lowering Transport emissions, EV uptake tracking, New EV market development, transport policy development and planning, emissions analysis, and infrastructure investment.

carloop is a proudly-Australian team of technologists and industry experts who are passionate about helping Australians transition to Electric & New Energy Vehicles. We have the most up to date data and trends that you need to make more informed decisions when it comes to research, purchase, setup policy, monitor transport emissions associated with the uptake of New Energy & Electric Vehicles.

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See ownership trends as detailed as the colours, models, resale values, options & battery choices that EV owners are choosing compared to traditional cars.

Tesla Uptake & Pricing Trends

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With over 1 million accurate EV data point and ownership trends across Australia, we would love to help you make the right EV decisions to reach 2030 carbon reduction targets towards 2050 carbon neutrality.

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