NEV Decisions

Climate change is the biggest challenge that Australia has ever faced and transport emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Understanding the number and usage of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) is increasingly important for lowering Transport emissions, EV uptake tracking, New NEV market development, transport policy development and planning, emissions analysis, and infrastructure investment.

Our Mission

For every organisation, whether it’s business, government or not for profits, understanding environmental and transport data to slow down climate change and reduce our emissions has become as important as human capital, financial capital, or natural resources. We have to adopt new transport technologies to help us get to net zero emission targets and while doing that be able to track the uptake of these new technologies. We call these “NEVs – New Energy Vehicles Data” which include Electric, Plug-in Hybrids and Hydrogen powered vehicles whose uptake will help Australia reach it’s emission targets. Data on most vehicles and their trends is easy to obtain through various transport chambers and associations. However, Australian NEV uptake data for fast growing EV brands like Tesla and their ownership trends has remained notoriously difficult across our states and territories.

Our mission is to reduce the impact of climate change caused by transport sector help all Australians understand NEVs and increase EV uptake across the country. We want to provide accurate NEV uptake data, transport emission reduction trends, energy usage for government and policy makers and NEV ownership insights to companies. All this to ensure we make better decisions to slow down climate change and have a cleaner Australia that is powered by renewable energy for our future generations.

Our Story

carloop was founded in Melbourne around the winter month of June in 2018. Previously, our founder had spent his years in engineering, transport, manufacturing and project management positions at manufacturers, clean tech and other engineering transport infrastructure corporates and not for profits including Bosch, Thiess, Boral, Humes and Cabrini Healthcare.

From his own experience and passion for the transport sector, our founder understood how difficult it is to source high-quality NEV data trends for fast moving EVs like Tesla and to plan infrastructure by tracking the uptake of NEVs across our states and territories in Australia.  carloop was created based on a clear goal: to build a platform that creates more transparency, trust and efficiency in the growing NEV ecosystem.


One Mission. One Team.


Riz Akhtar


Athrun Li

Head of 

Allira Cundy

Head of 
Innovation & Strategy

Ignacio Roldán

Engineering & 


Global Data, Sustainability & NEV Advising Thought Leaders


Peter Wezenbeek

Chief Scientist at Lumipol Holding B.V.
ex- Redbull Air Race Team Data Tactician, Founder at WingMate Avionics Data, Holden Engineering and Transmission Data Specialist, Zytek and Renault Formula 1 Team Data Systems Engineering


Dr. Phei Lok

Research Partnerships Manager, STEM, RMIT University | Board Member - Circular Economy Victoria
ex- R&D Manager in Manufacturing & Product Stewardship, Monash Council Environment Advisory Committee member, researcher at Monash University, CSIRO & UNC (USA)


Lawrence Cavedon

Professor and Associate Dean, Data Science, RMIT University
ex- Stanford University Senior Researcher, Verticalnet Inc Senior Scientist


Alvin Zheng

Deputy GM Jesse's Healthcare | EV Research Thought Leadership Shanghai
ex- Cabrini Health Projects Coordinator, Business Systems Analyst at Whitehorse City Council, University of Melbourne Environmental Engineering & Sustainability Fellow


Holly Donaldson

Executive Director, CAPHIA | Chair of Innovation Board Committee, Eastern Innovation
ex- Senior Business & IT Consultant, Monash University, Director of Training & Accreditation | Australasian College of Emergency Medicine

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