Who we are and why we help Australians find their next new car by showing real car prices

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About Me & My Team

My name is Riz & I am the founder of carloop. I am an engineer based in Melbourne, building a simple real car pricing data platform for everyday car owners and buyers. For some strange reason, I quit my job and invested my life savings into building carloop. Along the journey, I have found some amazing people who wanted to come along for the ride. Who better than one of carloop’s early users? Enter Athrun Li. He has a passion for cars and wants to use real world data to give car buyers a bargain. I am doing this because sometimes you need to follow your dreams, change an industry and start your own startup.

Why we are building carloop?

The idea for carloop came to me when I was an engineer working on the Gold Coast. Brian, a work mate with 75 years of life experience, came to me and said he needed to buy a new car (in his words, possibly his last new car). He was frustrated with the complex and time consuming process of buying a new car and not knowing what it’s real price should be.  It took me hours of research and weeks of negotiating to help Brian get a good deal on his new Hyundai i30. Since then, I have helped thousands of Australians find the real car pricing of their next new car. We need a simple real car pricing platform.

How are you finding it?

This is the new version of our car pricing platform where we share real world car prices with everyday owners and car buyers. The kind of information dealers don’t always want you to see. I would love to get your opinions or thoughts on how to make it better. Email me directly on riz@carloop.com.au. Just to thank you – I will put your name in our contributors list on the bottom of this page. 

Don't need carloop's insights but want to help us out?

Share our vision to make car buying and ownership simple with your family, friends and anyone who can help spread the word. 

Our Advisors

I would love to thank my advisors for helping me on this journey: 

  • Allira Cundy – Strategy & Market Research
  • Patrick Jones – UX & Graphics Design
  • Peter Wezenbeek – Data Science & Insights

Our Contributors

Rob, Kyle, Kenny, Matthew, Manan, Xavier and many other users that supported us in the early days with their feedback.